LoveCast Show #5 with Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb - Celebrating Interfaith, Intercultural Marriages
Did you know that one third of all marriages today are interfaith and intercultural?  Why are they on the rise?  Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb, ordained interfaith minister and author of Joining Hands and Hearts, will help you learn more about yourselves and each other.  Find out what a couple needs to remember most when intermarrying.

Reverend Susanna wants you to know that couples are not alone.  She cites the interfaith motto: never instead of, always in addition to.  She believes that with enough love, thought, care and respect you can bridge any issue.

Most traditions can be celebrated in a universal way.  How can you start the process of blending cultures?  What is the difference between religious and spiritual?  What rituals are important to you and not important to you?  Are there different meanings and interpretations of rituals?  Listen to this podcast and hear the answers to these questions and more.

Get ready to jot down some important questions about yourselves then compare and discuss the answers with your fiance.

How do you remain true to yourselves and still make your families happy?  What are your parent's greatest fears?  Rev. Susanna offers practical advice and guidance.

Hear real stories about unions of different faith, colors and cultures.  Respect is the foundation and love is the bridge.  Rev. Susanna has terrific recommendations and creative solutions to help you structure an interfaith wedding ceremony.

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Here Come the Moms Show #2 - Being Part of the Team with Sharon Naylor and Holli Ehrlich
Hear great advice and tips from Sharon and Holli as they discuss the best ways to co-plan and work well together for a pleasant wedding planning experience.  The ultimate goal is for everyone to partner and get along.  Respect, trust, communication, and reliability make for a good team.

In this episode the following questions are explored and answered:

Who is in the team and what are the challenges they may have with each other?

What should be discussed and established at the initial team meeting?

What are some problems moms are having with being part of the team?

What's the number one mistake moms make?

What's the best way to communicate with others in the team?

What are some of the fears of the engaged couple and the moms?

Are you worried about what other people think?

How can you change course in the middle of the planning to make it go smoother?

How can you best mediate problems with others?

Should you only talk about wedding plans when with your team?

What happens when someone needs to be kicked off the team?!!

What is the best philosophy for moms in the team?

Sharon & Holli agree that the team should try to be clear, direct and flexible with each other.  Remind yourselves at regular intervals why you are an honored part of the team. Look for communication and closeness.  Be appreciative and thankful.  Set the foundation for your life together as an extended family.

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Wedding Podcast Network has the largest, most comprehensive selection of wedding planning podcasts.  We are wedding talk radio at its best.

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Another great wedding planning podcast from Wedding Podcast Network

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Bridal Scene Show #22 with hosts Holli Ehrlich and Robert Allen

This episode of Bridal Scene is another great podcast from Wedding Podcast Network.

Seeking information about vows, centering, wedding events, red carpet inspiration?  You are definitely in the right place.  It's your chance to hear creative wedding ideas firsthand from top experts.

Happily married authors, Shonnie Lavender and Bruce Mulkey, inspire couples to create thoughtful marriage vows that will encourage you to really know your partner and yourself more deeply.  Their workbook I Do! I Do! helps you create a joint vision.  Learn how to design just the right words and commitments for celebrating your love during the marriage ceremony and provide a strong foundation for your relationship throughout your lifetime together.

One of many great quotes shared in I Do! I Do! The Marriage Vow Workbook:
"I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you."  Roy Croft

We talk about our experience at PodCamp NYC.  PodCamp is an un-conference, a place where the attendees are responsible for providing content.  The event drew over 1,000 podcasters from the New York area as well as many others from all over the US and Canada. Anyone associated with podcasting that missed the event, shame on you!  I got to catch up with my friend, podcasting expert and lead organizer of PodCamp NYC, John C. Havens of as well as our friends Kathy and Al Ritondo of the Wedding Video Talk podcast.  The event was fabulous.  The seminars and networking were unmatched.  We met a really talented musician by the name of Natalie Gelman and we play a song off of her self-named CD called "Sweet July".

It's always a delight to chat with the infamous and exceptional Henry Roth.  Holli and Henry discuss the gowns noticed on the red carpet at this year's Oscar's. Henry, third generation gown designer and WPN's very own co-host of Planet Bride, is energized getting ready to introduce his latest looks on Roth Runway.  Coming Soon - Bridal Scene #23: the best report ever heard sharing the inspiration behind some of the hottest collections featured at bridal market.  WPN listeners have backstage access to what's hot and happening in the world of wedding fashion.

World--class event designer Thomas Noel of Event Design Incorporated discusses the conceptual design of The Wedding Salon, the world's first luxury wedding showcase, featuring products and services for the sophisticated bride and groom.

Ready to minimize stress? Bara Sapir, internationally recognized expert in relaxation techniques, empowerment and transformation, can manifest a nice calm on a crazed day.  Learn ways to combat wedding anxiety.

Wonderful News!  The Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation has recovered stolen wedding gowns worth over $3 million.  Now that they have their truck, trailer and gowns back they will be able to hold Brides Against Breast Cancer gown sales on the East and West Coast more easily.  This will result in touching more lives, granting more wishes and making more memories come true.

This show is brought to you by Cayman Islands. 
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Meet the Masters with Osnat Gad, author of the book "Wedding Rings"

Osnat Gad has been a renowned leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of wedding rings for more than 25 years.  She wrote a wonderful book called Wedding Rings where history and romance comes together.  Osnat tells us how she got interested in jewelry design and shares her personal design philosophy about the perfect symbol of eternal love.  The precious circle signifies love has no beginning and no end.  The ring symbolizes unity and your commitment to marriage.

Find out where the first known exchange of rings as objects of love took place.  We discuss the evolution of the wedding ring and how this tradition got started.  Are wedding rings viewed differently today?  Listen and find out.

Every culture interprets the placement of the ring in its own way.  One longstanding tradition is that the wedding ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand.  Hear more about this custom here and around the world.

Osnat discusses different metal and stone options.  We find out more about gold and platinum.  We ask Osnat when diamonds came into style as bridal jewelry.  Learn more about yellow diamonds, a personal favorite of Osnat's.

This is an important time for communication.  Osnat recommends how couples should shop for engagement and wedding rings.  The guy isn't sure what you really want yet wants to please.  Is it okay to tell your boyfriend what you like and don't like?

Osnat shares great ideas how to adorn your personal style.  Do you want to engrave your ring with a name, a special date, a pet name or private message?  Have you considered stackable rings?  Ever hear about a torture ring?  What better way to celebrate your continuing commitment you have to one another than with an anniversary ring?

You will want to make sure your rings fit for a lifetime.  Be realistic.  Osnat tells us that your finger size may change and the possibility of re-sizing.  How should you clean your rings?  What if a diamond is loose?  Osnat has great practical advice.

Osnat's best expert advice: Hear each other.  Learn to share.  Wedding rings are the most personal gifts between two people in love.

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