The Bridal Scene Show #13 with Holli Ehrlich and Robert Allen The Bridal Scene podcast brings you everything new and noteworthy in the world of weddings.  Hosts Holli Ehrlich and Robert Allen . 

In this show we visit the Fortunoff's wedding event called "Girls Night Out".  It took place in their Woodbridge, NJ location and was very well attended.  We got to speak with the Director of Wedding & Corporate Gift Services Tracey Paige and the Coordinator Rachel Weitzman. They tell you all about the registry experience .  We also spoke with some enthusiastic brides who were at the event.  They were happy and excited to share their engagement stories and wedding plans.  One bride discusses how Ebay can be a terrific resource for wedding favors and more.

We share a wonderful song "Your Love" by Lisa Dames.  Be warned, this one might get stuck in your head.

Brides Against Breast Cancer is the Making Memories Foundation's number one fundraiser.  They have gown sale events nationwide enabling brides-to-be to find the gown of their dreams while making wishes come true for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer.  Their gown sales are made possible by women that donate their treasured wedding gowns.  Bridal shops and manufacturers donate hundreds of beautiful, new designer gowns every month.  Check out their website to find a gown sale near you.  This is a unique opportunity for brides-to-be to find one-of-a-kind gowns at an incredible savings.  Your bridal shower and wedding reception can be more meaningful with a pink envelope project activity.  Together we can make a difference in someone's life. 

We will be covering a fabulous and unique wedding that will be taking place at home plate right after a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game.  We will be bringing you interesting and entertaining interviews and clips from the ceremony.  This should be great fun for all. 

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Here are the links to the websites that we mentioned in the show:

Fortunoff website
Here is the link to that great song "Your Love" by Lisa Dames website
Brides Against Breast Cancer website
The wedding website for David Kerpen and Caroline Fisher at Keyspan Park in Coney Island after the Brooklyn Cyclones game.  Our Field of Dreams

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Bridal Scene Show #12 with Holli Ehrlich and Robert Allen The Bridal Scene podcast is everything hot and newsworthy in the world of weddings.   Hosted by Holli Ehrlich and Robert Allen.

In this show we get to hear some new music from Magical Butterfly Brooke.  She wrote "Your Little Girl" so that she would have a unique song to dance with her father at her wedding.  It is a very touching and beautiful song that would make a perfect choice for a bride to dance to with her father at the wedding.

We visited the National Stationery Show in New York City.  This is the show where all of the stationery buyers go to see the latest designs in invitations, scrapbooking and related products.  We speak to  Erica Goldstein from Paper Bride about some of the new and unique things she offers for weddings.  She shares some information on the wedding blogs she contributes to.  We met Karin Sloan from "Let-Me-Tell-You".  She is the creator of scrapbook keepsake kits especially designed for weddings.  She has a kit for the friends of the bride to create a scrapbook for the bride to be.  This is a great bridal shower gift.  She also created a creative scrapbook kit for the bride and groom to create together that covers the whole wedding & honeymoon experience.  She even has a special scrapbook for the bride to create for her mother.

We cover a very special event with the UJA Federation of New York's Thrift Shop 17@17.  World famous wedding gown designer Michelle Roth donated 15 brand new wedding gowns to the thrift shop creating the Michelle Roth Bridal Boutique.  The dresses range from beach to ballroom style gowns, reflecting the individuality of today's modern brides.

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Here are the links mentioned in the show:

Magical Butterfly Brooke website
Erica Goldstein - Paper Bride website
New York Observer Blog website
Here Comes the Blog website
Karin Sloan - Let-Me-Tell-You website
Michelle Roth Wedding Gowns website
UJA Federation of New York website

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Wedding Workout Show with Alycea Ungaro The perfect wedding day is more than your dress or the cake - it's how you feel about yourself.  Teacher, author, and Real Pilates owner Alycea Ungaro is recognized around the world as a Pilates leader and guru.  As both a Pilates instructor and a licensed physical therapist, Alycea's personal mission is to make Pilates available to everyone. 

Alycea has appeared in scores of magazines and TV segments both nationally and internationally. Her celebrity clientele has included Madonna, Uma Thurman, Kyra Sedgewick, Claire Danes, and Molly Sims, among others. With longtime client Christy Turlington, she collaborated on a Pilates bootie for Puma, aptly named "The Alycea".

Her books Pilates: Body in Motion and The Pilates Promise have been bestsellers on six continents and in 17 languages.  Most recently, she has developed a series of go anywhere digital Portable Pilates workouts for ipods, MP3 players or computers.

Alycea tells the WPN that exercise is an enormous stress reliever which is critical during wedding planning.  Find out the basic principles and benefits of pilates.  Alycea invites you to try a great core exercise that you can do while listening to this podcast.  You will learn how to use your abdominals effectively.  She has great wedding programs developed specifically to achieve your fitness goals as you get ready to walk down the aisle.  To find out more about Alycea's studios and products click here.  We want you to look and feel fabulous not just for your wedding, but from that day forward!

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