Wedding Workout Show with Newlywed Colleen about Getting in Shape for the Wedding
This story begins with a woman who was not really interested in working out.  It was just not who she was...and WAS is the key word.  Newlywed Colleen talks about why she wanted to lose weight for her wedding day and ever after.

Six months before her wedding, trying on the Vera Wang gown of her dreams, was the realization to wanting to look her very best.  Hear all about her dress and how it made her feel.  Colleen tells us she just knew she could look better. 

Directionless with regard to diet and exercise she decided to work one-on-one with Christi Masi, founder of The Healthy Bride, based in Seattle.  Christi's focus is on training women to successfully meet life challenges.  Colleen later joined the group workouts.  The strong support of like-minded women getting gown ready helped Colleen achieve personal success.  She credits her Healthy Bride nutritionist with helping her incorporate a more healthy diet. 

The results witnessed at her fittings were exciting.  She feels fit and fabulous and has accomplished so much.  Colleen lost 2 inches around her waist, 10 pounds, and went from a size 10 to an 8, yeah!

Can being more active transform your relationship with the love of your life, especially if he loves to workout?  Colleen has made changes in her life that go far beyond her dress size.  Listen and learn from her incredible experience.

Bonus:  Hear firsthand about a Hawaii wedding from a Hawaiian native.  Colleen's best advice:  honor what you feel and be true to yourself.

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Here are the links we spoke about on the show:

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Photographs by Mark Nomura visit his website
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