Travel Talk with Jennifer Stein - Navigating the Destination Wedding Superhighway

Are you considering a dream wedding away from home surrounded by family and friends?  Todayâs featured expert loves travel and weddings and wants your dreams to become reality.  Hereâs your chance to meet Jennifer Stein, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Destination I Do Magazine, the travel publication for engaged couples and romantic travelers.  Jennifer provides us with trustworthy guidance and advice.  Hear insider travel information about making the entire destination wedding planning experience easier for you and your guests.

Is a destination wedding right for you?  Are you comfortable with travel or does it stress you out?  What questions do you need to ask yourself?  Where should you go?  Who do you need to communicate with?  What do you need to keep in mind for your chosen location?  Where can you get the most current information about weather and marriage requirements?  How can you best determine accommodation options for your guests?  Who pays for what?  Should you have a wedding registry?  How early should you send save the date cards?  Learn about the value of having a wedding website.  Jennifer answers these questions and offers some absolute etiquette musts brides and grooms should be aware of.

Destination wedding myths.  True or False?  A destination wedding is more expensive.  False. Jennifer says that a destination wedding can save you money!  People think itâs selfish.  You canât have a honeymoon and destination wedding.  You will have to tune in to hear the answers plus get some terrific planning recommendations from Jennifer, a dynamic professional who knows what is truly important in the world of travel.

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