Co-hosts Anne Chertoff, Editor in Chief of and Chris Easter, Co-founder of That Wedding chat about friends performing wedding ceremonies, the trash the dress phenomenon, bachelor and bachelorette party etiquette plus answer listener emails.  Anne and Chris help engaged couples learn how to better work with each other throughout the adventures of wedding planning.

Anne and Chris are joined by special guest James Bennett, co-founder Firefly Group Events, where you will hear unique ways to plan great memories for the bride or groom.  Are there ground rules?  Is it fair for the bride to insist on no strippers?  What about a don’t tell, don’t ask policy?  Are co-ed parties a good idea?  These questions and more are answered.  You will discover fun activities you may not have considered and have a successful sendoff for the guest of honor. 

Planning dilemmas are answered On the Couch with Anne & Chris.  In this episode they discuss two popular concerns:  The bride does not like one of her fiance’s good friends and is pressuring him to not include him in the wedding party.  The groom is not doing his share of wedding planning duties and the bride doesn’t know how to nudge him without nagging.  Anne and Chris’ expert advice will lead you in the right direction to truly enjoy the experience.

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