Premier Episode of Here Come the Moms with Hosts Sharon Naylor and Holli Ehrlich
Welcome to the premier show of Here Come the Moms.

Finally, moms get their most important wedding-related questions answered!  Co-hosts, wedding author Sharon Naylor and Holli Ehrlich provide the latest information for the mothers of the bride and the mothers of the groom.  Brides and moms will learn how to work harmoniously for the perfect wedding experience.

In this episode Sharon & Holli agree that weddings are a happy business and mothers are an important component in wedding planning and ever after.  Weddings are different than five or ten years ago.  Sharon's books, The Mother-of-the-Bride Book and Mother of the Groom, were inspired by moms who are confused about their roles.  They feel caught in the middle of old world and new world traditions.  They are not sure what they are supposed to do or where they fit in.

This podcast will help all moms and step moms enjoy the excitement, the creative process, the celebration.  Planning your wedding is a momentous yet short-lived chapter of your life.  "Expectations are premeditated resentments,"  cites Sharon.  You are bound to be disappointed if you don't have realistic expectations.  Listen and learn how to communicate with your mother and the entire family. 

Roles may have changed, but brides absolutely want their moms included in the wedding planning.  Brides today are older, more assertive.  Moms used to be co-planners and now they are part of a team.  Dads and grooms are more involved.  How can a bride and groom pay tribute to their extended family?  Sharon and Holli discuss this and a lot more about the importance of building and securing lasting future relationships.

Stay tuned for upcoming show topics: the new roles and rules for parents, fashion trends, etiquette Do's and Don'ts, conflict resolution tips and more.

There is a lot of fun to be had listening to Here Come the Moms, exclusively on Wedding Podcast Network.

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