Planet Bride with Henry & Michelle Roth - Barbie Be Gone
How do you fit into your own wedding plans?  Henry Weinreich & Michelle Roth discuss their top ten tips on how to be yourself and be natural and approachable.  Your groom and guests will notice a less nervous, more self confident and happy you.  Learn how to make the wedding real for you and not to be a Barbie Bride.

Things happen.  Do not get caught up and overwhelmed.  Stop worrying about wedding planning mishaps.  What is ceremony stiff syndrome?  How can wedding day delegation make a difference?  How important is a bridal suite and preparation room?  How do you define your farewells?  This dynamic duo answer these questions and more as you prepare to walk down the aisle.  They share personal stories and real life experiences that will help you de-stress and decompress.  They tackle issues that will prepare you for the unexpected and ultimately help lessen any element of surprise.

Get comfortable.  Relax.  Armed with Henry & Michelle’s expert advice you will be able to transition into your wedding with ease.  Their valuable tips and solutions help you get real and deal and stay in control of your day.  Your wedding will inevitably run much more smoothly if you incorporate Henry & Michelle’s therapeutic advice.  This podcast should not be missed.

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