Meet the Masters with Sylvia Weinstock Wedding Cake Designer Meet the Masters welcomes wedding cake designer Sylvia Weinstock. She has been called the wedding cake diva and the Leonardo DaVinci of wedding cakes. Sylvia Weinstock is probably one of the most well known wedding personalities in the business. I had the chance to speak with Sylvia about everything from when to serve the cake to picking the best fillings for your wedding cake. Your wedding cake will inevitably be one of the focal points of your wedding reception. Not only does it need to be beautiful but needs to be delicious as well. Sylvia has priceless advice about how to choose the cake that will fit your style and taste. People are amazed at the beautiful sugar flowers that her talented staff creates for each of her wedding cakes. Most people that see these cakes can't believe that those flowers are make of sugar. If you want to have the most amazing wedding cake for your wedding then you must visit the Sylvia Weinstock website

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