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Samantha Goldberg, event coordinator and designer of Gold Events & Co., has coordinated hundreds of weddings and other elaborate affairs in her 15 years in the event industry.  She is currently one of the featured wedding planners on the hit television series “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? on the Style Network.  Samantha has also been on CN-8, NBC-5 and Geraldo at Large.  Her work and advice has been featured in Bridal Guide, Modern Bride, NJ Bride, NY Daily News, Courier News, Good Life, Suburban Style, Associated Press and other local and regional media. 

Samantha wants you to have the best wedding planning experience possible and shares insider tips and advice you will want to hear.

Samantha’s forte is working with Brides on a Budget.  Do you have to spend a quarter of a million dollars to have a fabulous wedding?  NO!  What are your needs and wants?  What are some great ways to save?  What are some hidden costs?  Is everything really negotiable?  How can a wedding planner be afforded even by the bride on a budget?  Samantha discusses great ways to spend wisely. 

What is the real role of a wedding planner?  How can you utilize a planner efficiently?  What is your wedding blueprint?  Do you expect your wedding to be “perfect??  What’s the grand reveal?  What do you want people to remember at your wedding?  How many favors and programs are left behind?  Charities in lieu of favors?  Samantha will help couples understand how to make educated choices and decisions for your wedding.

The Style Network's Whose Wedding Is It Anyway is the #1 wedding show in the USA and watched all over the world.   What does the word Bridezilla really mean?  Groomzilla?  How does it occur?  What really happens behind the scenes?  How close to reality is what you are watching on the show?  Hear fascinating information about the entertaining reality television series from someone that really knows.

Samantha shares creative new areas to register to help the bride and groom get the wedding of their dreams.  Ever think about registering with your photographer?, your videographer?, your bank to create your new home down payment fund?  Excellent recommendations on how to ask for money, give your guests options and get what you really want.

Are there ways to keep sane?  Do you want to focus on everything that can go wrong or are you able to relinquish control and enjoy the special day of love?  Samantha counsels to enjoy the day regardless of what happens.

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