Meet the Masters with Kate L. Harrison, Founder & CEO The Green Bride Guide

Are you an eco-conscious couple that wants to wed responsibly? Do you want to plan a stylish green event that will help protect our planet?  Green wedding veteran and environmentalist Kate L. Harrison, founder and CEO The Green Bride Guide, shares creative ideas and smart options that will inspire you to conserve for your wedding and life together.

Kate talks about her own green wedding celebration and why it was so important to design it this way.  In this episode you will learn what makes a product or service âgreenâ plus what sustainable, carbon footprint, organic, fair trade, and greenwashing really mean.  Kate talks about the best green alternatives to consider for your invitation, dress, transportation, reception food, flowers and decor.  She explains why itâs important to communicate your vision clearly to anyone you work with to ensure its success.

A lot of what you read states that a green wedding costs more.  Can couples really save up to 40% in wedding expenses?  Does a green wedding have to be an all or nothing proposition?  How will a couple know that they are working with a bonafide green vendor committed to practices to protect the environment?  How can you let your guests know about the green choices you made?  Whatâs a wedding coop?  How important is having a cleanup plan once the party is over?  Kate answers these questions and more to help you pull off a personal and meaningful green wedding that will make a difference on your special day and always.

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Kateâs Book - The Green Bride Guide:  How to Create an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budget

Kateâs website - The Green Bride Guide   

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