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Have you started talking about the M word?  M=Money which requires knowledge and awareness to achieve important financial goals as you start your new family together.  Judith Rosenthal, Senior Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial, provides professional financial planning services for every stage of life so you are better prepared to pursue your dreams with confidence.  Judi offers valuable information and recommendations that every couple should hear before they get married.

Do you have a vision for your future together?  What is your money culture?  Should newlyweds completely merge their finances or should they keep separate accounts?  How important is it to discuss risk tolerance with your spouse to be?  When should a couple start to look for professional assistance with regard to money matters?

Itâs easy to get caught up in the excitement of wedding planning and you might not want to see the big picture before you tie the knot.  Have you considered the long term positive impact if you spend less money on the wedding?  Inevitably, couples are going to argue from time to time on money issues.  What are some things they can do to resolve those disagreements?  Judi has some terrific suggestions that will help alleviate some stress and anxiety when blending finances.

Unique in the industry is Ameriprise Financialâs Dream Book guide.  Itâs an amazing personal journal to record your priorities, goals and plans so you can have better perspective on where you are going.  This important podcast gives you something essential to think about that can ultimately make your dreams a reality.

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