Meet the Masters with John Mahdessian of Madame Paulette This Meet the Masters podcast is with John Mahdessian of Madame Paulette.  Founded on the principle of excellence 50 years ago, Madame Paulette has achieved the status of being the finest worldwide couture cleaner. They have preserved the gowns of Melania Trump, Princess Diana, Madonna, Barbara Walters, Jennifer Lopez and Brittney Spears.  They are the choice of the top wedding gown designers such as Vera Wang, Amsale, Gucci, Valentino and Versace.

John shares with us his years of experience in the science of preserving wedding gowns.  From the very first steps everyone needs to know about how to preserve their wedding gown to how to save thousands of dollars on designer wedding gowns.

John teaches us about the 3 basic groups of stains when dealing with fine fabrics.  Do you know what to do if you spill red wine on your wedding gown?  John does and he shares that information with our listeners.  He tells us about the process involved when a bride sends their wedding gown in to Madame Paulette.  He explains to us the steps to take when sending your gown to be cleaned and how it should be packed.

Madame Paulette has an exclusive offer for our listeners.  Just mention that you heard this podcast on The Wedding Podcast Network for free shipping and a $75.00 discount on their services. 

If you are wearing a wedding gown to your wedding then you can't afford to miss this fascinating podcast.

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