Meet the Masters with Diane Forden, Editor in Chief, VP Bridal Guide Magazine

Diane Forden, Editor in Chief, VP Bridal Guide, one of America’s leading wedding magazines, discusses important information on what to keep in mind, what to prioritize, and things to avoid while creating your dream wedding.  With Diane’s expert advice you will gain invaluable knowledge how to handle challenges with confidence, truly enjoy the wedding planning experience, and envision the best wedding ever. 

Want to get what YOU want? Want to fully enjoy each and every moment?  Diane offers smart answers and solutions to real issues from etiquette to traditions, registry to receptions, budget to guests’ gripes.  Learn the art of negotiation and savvy ways to save money.  You will want to hear Diane’s Do’s and particularly her Don’ts while planning your wedding celebration.  Diane also shares trends and special touches that can easily be incorporated into your wedding festivities.

Wedding planning is demanding and emotionally stressful. Is it possible to stay organized, calm and sane?  Diane says YES so tune in and be inspired by an editor that really cares about brides and engaged couples everywhere.

Bridal Guide is getting ready to celebrate its 20th Anniversary.  Congratulations!  Educating brides the past two decades via their bi-monthly magazine and go-to website continues to be an inspiration to everyone in the world of weddings.  Check your newsstands soon to get your collector’s copy of their special anniversary edition.

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