Meet the Masters with David Reinhard Events.

In this MTM podcast get to speak with a pair of Masters.  Ann David and Nicky Reinhard are two of the top wedding planners in the country.  They share with us their years of experience in planning weddings.  Learn from Ann and Nicky some of the things you need to know when working with a wedding planner.  How best to establish a budget and remain realistic in planning your wedding.  They talk about how personalities play an important role in choosing your wedding vendors.  We also discuss how to best involve the groom in the wedding planning process, and we talk about the latest trend in wedding receptions.  We discuss the wedding that they did for Erica and Geraldo Rivera.  From the special grooms cake that Erica did for Geraldo to how they dealt with the paparazzi.  They also did the wedding of Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn which was an intimate wedding for 80 guests in Manhattan.

DAVID REINHARD EVENTS is a boutique event planning firm established by Ann David and Nicky Reinhard in 2000. Their strength is their young, fresh attitude towards event planning, paired with years of experience and a desire to offer personal service in producing special events. To visit their website click here.


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