Meet the Masters with Carolyn Gerin, co-author Anti-Bride

Are you an Anti-Bride or want to be one? Do you want to have a  great wedding that's different and uniquely all about you and your groom? Carolyn Gerin is the creator and co-author of the bestselling Anti-Bride series of books that celebrate having a wedding your way. Carolyn shares hip tips and alternative ideas for nontraditional brides that want to tie the knot outside the box. Her sassy point of view and spirit will inspire you to mix it up and strut your stuff down the aisle with attitude.

What makes Anti-Bride different from other wedding books out there? Does Anti-Bride mean Anti-Wedding? Why do some women succumb to the âWedding Industrial Complexâ? Carolyn talks about things you would NEVER see in a bridal magazine. Do you have to wear white? How do couples get a handle on the wedding budget? How do you deal with the dreaded guest list?  What are some great bachelorette party options that donât involve limos, cosmos and Vegas? How are men reacting to the Anti-Bride series? What does an Anti-Bride wedding look like?  Hear some great wedding ideas including Carolyn's personal Anti-Bride wedding tour - one dress for three weddings.  She has the answer for Anti-Brides who can't take another nugget of well meaning advice and offers solutions for sticky situations when planning your wedding. 

Carolynâs savvy philosophy captivates todayâs cool bride and offers fresh insight to get exactly what you want without compromising your vision.

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