Meet the Masters on Location -  Flower & Food Design with David Tutera, Ed Libby, Chefs Thomas Preti and Olivier Cheng

Where: New York Showroom Classic Party Rentals where âEvery Event is a Big Eventâ?

Friend and colleague Nancy Swiezy invited us to a special industry event and we want you to be part of the excitement and get inspired with information from pros that have a pulse in the party business. Robert Allen, Executive Producer, takes us behind the scenes at the Classic Party Rentals NYC launch party with top chefs, caterers, & floral dÃcor and event designers. With more than 25 years of experience, Classic Party Rentals is the nationâs leading full service event rental company.

Good-bye cookie cutter dÃcor. Michael Miner, VP Marketing Classic Party Rentals, talks about his philosophy in the world of events and what brides have available to make their occasion great. Then Robert spoke with leading entertaining expert David Tutera. David tells us about his Enchanted Garden table â its color, texture, personality. David says a wedding has to tell a story with the elements of your wedding. Listen and learn about eclectic looks and Davidâs favorite color trend.

Tess Casey of Aisling Studioâs, designed three tables at the event, and talks about the fabrics, color palette and details that feature different themes, unusual elements, and accent ideas. Do you want an element of surprise? Are you trying to be a little green? PLUS Insider Scoop: Tess specializes in camera-ready flowers and works closely with Creative and Art Directors for film and television. She recently worked on the wedding scenes in the Sex and the City movie. She designed the wedding bouquet for Carrie. What flowers did she use? Want to find out the designer of the gown SJP wore? What should a couple know when starting their search for a floral designer? Tess gives her expert advice.

Whatâs the new white? Ed Libby, award winning event designer, presented two tables. The Bling table has sparkle! He has designed for celebrity clients including Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Robert DeNiro, Usher, and Diddy. Edâs best advice: Marry a couplesâ design fantasy with professional expertise so itâs a fun process.

Food is an element of dÃcor and something to talk about. Chefs created culinary delights enjoyed by invited guests. Since founding Thomas Preti Caterers, Inc. over 20 years ago, Chef Thomas Preti has orchestrated thousands of events. Local, organic food is becoming part of the menu today. Current wedding trends in food are discussed with Kelven Book of Canard Inc. Recognizable foods with a twist are starting to be prepared to make it more special, surprising and appetizing. Signature cocktails are here to stay. Interactive food at weddings and social events is a winner. Olivier Cheng created a tasting plate of savory and sweet fois gras, a naked salmon station, and a liquid nitrogen station â cool idea! Are people harder to impress today? Does Olivier welcome the creative challenge? Are you thinking of a cocktail reception only? Olivier tells us that food can evolve at a party.

We end the podcast with Roberta Karsch of Resource One Inc., a custom designed table linen rental company. Learn about unusual objects that were used to bring the element of the unexpected to the party.

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