Lovecast Show #7 with Alison Armstrong - Understanding Men & Women  

Do you want to transform your relationships and learn how to communicate with men in their language?  If you want the truth about men then you are in the right place.  Husband-wife team Robert Allen and Holli Ehrlich talk with Alison Armstrong, the creator of the nationally recognized Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop series and the author of Keys to the Kingdom.  You will be enlightened as Alison helps us better understand men, women and their behaviors.  Listen and learn as we gain insight and information that will garner loving, appreciative relationships between men and women.

What is the biggest barrier for women to understand men?  Are men shallow?  Do men and women listen the same way?  What charges a man's battery?  Do you try to fix or change your man?  How do women bring out the worst in men?  How can you make it less stressful while planning a wedding and happily ever after?  Learn the fundamental differences between men and women.  Discover new ways to interpret, think about, and relate to men so you can make better choices and get better results.

Men and women both really need to listen to Alison's findings. She discusses what women don't know and need to hear and take seriously.  Expect to feel better about yourself and see the men in your life in a whole new light after listening to this great Lovecast.

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