LoveCast(tm)  Show #4 Why do women like to talk more than men?  What is "relationship talk"? Are relationships more important to women than men?  These are just some of the questions that we tackle in this episode of the LoveCast. 

This show is all about communication.  Men and women differ greatly how they talk about the relationship with their partner.  Women are excited to talk.  Men automatically assume that there is a problem.  We need to understand that men and women approach problems differently and have different styles of how to work things out.  Both men and women should be rewarded for what they say and do.  Talk is therapuetic.

Learn how to communicate during high stress times such as when planning a wedding.  Find out the key things to remember when you are in those stressful times to help keep the relationship healthy.  We have the answers to better understand why talk helps you connect, feel better and build intimacy.

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