LoveCast Show #6 with Kathy Freston author of The One: Discovering the Secrets of Soul Mate Love

You've found your true love and you want to keep the relationship strong, happy, and lasting.  Kathy Freston, author of The One: Discovering the Secrets of Soul Mate Love, talks about the deeper purpose of marriage, the bigger picture of it.  Kathy shares her personal experience and why she wrote the book.  Commitment holds us together.  Our soul craves deepening, awareness, growth, and inner connection. 

What is a soul mate?  What is soul mate love?  Why do we get married?  What makes the bond strong?  How does our ancestry affect relationships?  These questions and more are answered in this LoveCast.  Kathy teaches us that two in a relationship can truly can become One.

Kathy shares the ten ultimate rules to live and love by on the pathway to a successful relationship.  A must-hear!

Kathy gives her best advice for couples getting ready to be married.  She tells us that the purpose of being together is to learn and grow on all levels of body, mind and spirit.  Grow your soul.  You will be enlightened by Kathy's insight and guidance for you, your partner and your relationship together.

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