It's YOUR Wedding with Samantha Goldberg #5
On this episode of It's YOUR Wedding star of Whose Wedding is it Anyway? Samantha Goldberg and Wedding Podcast Network Executive Producer Robert Allen tackle a very difficult situation facing couples in the New York and New Jersey area.  Wedding photography company Celebration Studios have closed their doors locking out dozens of couples who can't get their photos and video.  Joining Robert and Samantha is wedding photographer Phil Cantor for a frank discussion of this very sensitive situation.  Great advice is shared about getting the couples their photographs and video DVDs from Celebration Studios.

These veteran wedding professionals discuss how to spot danger signs when deciding on wedding photography and wedding videography.  Phil Cantor shares some insight on how photo studios operate and some of the pitfalls of very large wedding photography companies.  We share with our listeners some important resources to use when booking photography and videography services.

We also get a chance to answer some listener questions.  We go into detail on lighting for your wedding reception.  What are the best colors to use?  What are some practical ways to avoid lighting interfering with the quality of the photographs?  Learn how to save money on lighting design and the differences between pin-spotting and wall washing.  Plus Samantha talks about some great wedding theme ideas in this informative show.

Join us for live discussions on current issues involving the world of weddings.

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