Here Come the Moms Show #3 - Planning from a Distance with Sharon Naylor and Holli Ehrlich

Are you planning your wedding from a distance?  Join Sharon and Holli as they talk with a real mom and her daughter about their wedding planning experience while living in different states.

We asked Faye (mother of the bride) and Greer (bride) questions: How can moms participate when they are not in town?  What are the top jobs that can be done at a distance?  How do you handle shower plans?  How did you select the invitations and wedding attire?  How can moms provide emotional support from a distance?  What worked best - phone or e-mail? Faye and Greer discuss how they handled plans and decisions from afar.  It’s all about communication and this mother daughter team made it work.

Faye and Greer have a wonderful mother and daughter blog where they post beautiful ideas daily. They will inspire you and your preparations for that walk down the aisle.

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