Here Come the Moms Show #2 - Being Part of the Team with Sharon Naylor and Holli Ehrlich
Hear great advice and tips from Sharon and Holli as they discuss the best ways to co-plan and work well together for a pleasant wedding planning experience.  The ultimate goal is for everyone to partner and get along.  Respect, trust, communication, and reliability make for a good team.

In this episode the following questions are explored and answered:

Who is in the team and what are the challenges they may have with each other?

What should be discussed and established at the initial team meeting?

What are some problems moms are having with being part of the team?

What's the number one mistake moms make?

What's the best way to communicate with others in the team?

What are some of the fears of the engaged couple and the moms?

Are you worried about what other people think?

How can you change course in the middle of the planning to make it go smoother?

How can you best mediate problems with others?

Should you only talk about wedding plans when with your team?

What happens when someone needs to be kicked off the team?!!

What is the best philosophy for moms in the team?

Sharon & Holli agree that the team should try to be clear, direct and flexible with each other.  Remind yourselves at regular intervals why you are an honored part of the team. Look for communication and closeness.  Be appreciative and thankful.  Set the foundation for your life together as an extended family.

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