Bridal Scene Show #19E Coverage of the Brides Against Breast Cancer NYC Gown Event.  Enhanced Podcast
This is a special enhanced podcast of the Brides Against Breast Cancer NYC Gown Event.  We have had so many requests for pictures of the event we decided to re-release the coverage as an enhanced podcast.  This is our first try with this type of file so we would like your feedback on how you like it.

You will need Quicktime or iTunes to view the enhanced features. Click here to download the latest version.

Special Report - Wedding Podcast Network covers the first ever NYC Brides Against Breast Cancer (BABC) gown sale like no other.  Hundreds of brides attended hoping to find the gown of their dreams while making wishes come true for terminal breast cancer patients and their families.  It took place in The Prince George Ballroom, a beautiful setting for any special occasion.  Lindsay Mann and Julie Sabatino coordinated a team dedicated to making this event a great success.  And great it was!  BABC raised $85,000 that will enable the foundation to fill 15 wishes.  Fran Hansen, founder of the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation, starts off our live coverage when she greets the brides minutes before they came in to experience the sale.  Hear touching stories from brides who donated their gowns along with brides in the dressing room excited to find a beautiful dress for their special day.  Bee, founder of, volunteered and took time to chat with us.  This event would not be possible without the hundreds of donations by gown designers, bridal shops and former brides.

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